Drew Barth
Drew Barth

I'm a stand-up comic living in Seattle with a dream and a food handler's permit.

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Drew Barth

      I'm a stand-up comic living in Seattle with a dream and a food handler's permit. Started doing stand-up roughly seven years ago when I was in a sketch comedy group in high school and my teacher suggested I try writing stand-up for the talent show. I figured that high school wasn't full of enough opportunities to lower my self-esteem, so I gave it a shot. It ended up going alright, not great, but not so terrible that I'd never want to try it again. When I started going to the University of Washington, I started hitting open mic nights. There I discovered my inner voice/drinking problem that I wanted to share with other people and impress girls with at parties. Also discovered that girls never go for the funny guy at the party. Since then, I've gotten to work with a great group of people in the Seattle comedy community as well as open for some big comics like Nick Swardson, Jim Gaffigan and Greg Behrendt. I'm trying to make the transition from being a hobby comic to that of a career comedian. I work quite clean so my shows are for the most part all ages. I have worked colleges, corporate events, casinos and one very lucky Masonic lodge hall. I'm in the midst of building an email database to let people know when I have shows coming up, so if you prefer not to get your news sandwiched between bulletins titled "67 Things About Myself" and "Check the video of my drunk roommate trying to make it with a horse,".

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